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944S parts

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hi there,


i have a '87 944S that was bought as a parts car for my 944S2 and a possible race/rally project 

unfortunately due to the small matter of the bushfires last year I no longer have the S2 and wil not be able to progress the S as a project.  Importantly the car was not touched by the fire.

The car was bought as a disassembled car, I have found a few parts that were missing; nose panel, front bar.

I will get together a list of some of the other parts, but if you need something let me know.  

I am not trying to recoupe costs, I don't want to just send it to the scrapers

pm me. Happy to send photos via email.



Note: car does not have a compliance plate, nor was it properly imported (no paperwork)

So the shell itself may not be of use to anyone.



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Hi Greg,

Was really sorry to hear about your S2 and hope things are going better for you now.

I would be interested in some parts from you. Do you have any picks of car you can send me at all?

A couple of things would be fr guards, fr lower spoiler with fog lights and some engine parts if you have much at all.

I will compile a list of things and send to you via pm if that's ok.

Cheers and look forward to speaking with you.



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Hi Greg

Sorry to hear about your S2 Cab

I have a converted LHD 1990 S2 cab that is in need of a RHD windscreen wiper conversion will the 1987 components fit OK

I am looking for a RHD windscreen wiper mechanism Frame (945.628.961.00), connecting rods (945.628.033.00, 945.628.034.00) and 2 wiper arms (945.628.028.02). It appears that the wiper motor is interchangeable between them.



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some parts:

S2 distributor cap and rotor, new

steering rack boots, new

oil filter, WC044, new

S2 alternator belt, contitech, 6PK 1000, new, but it's been sitting for a while

S, S2 chain tensioner pads, new

968 chain tension pads, new

j pipe washers, for above systems, new

ICV hoses, I think (pn 944 110 235 02 & 944-110-214-04), new

ICV, second hand, cleaned up S2 one, tested ok.

S2 cam cover seal and the other seal (plug, fastener, cam ends

S2 alternator regulator, new

S2 Bosch plugs, BE63H1, copper x4 new

power steering pumps x2 

PS Pump overhaul kit

interior light, new

2x front caliper kits, FTE, 

S2 exhaust cam, used

3x 15" teledials

radiator, used, looks ok

sway bars, front, 2x 27mm

sway bars, rear, 2x16, 1x18, 1x20.2

944T oil console, used, the one that allows you to run an oil cooler 

2x924 manual window doors

interior trim!

main part of dash is no good

seats, front and rear, ok, some fading on top of the rear.

front struts with Bilstein inserts, used, condition unknown 

front suspension is still in car

S2 rear beam with torsion bars

rear arms,

gearbox, condition unknown, but I suspect dead

torque tube is still installed,

black carpet, condition ok, but rear boot piece Is faded, in part

thee is a heap of other bits






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please be aware that When you ask for a price, anything I say back is negotiable.

I have not looked at the Porsche market since early last year, so have no idea as to current values. I would hope that any transaction will be a win/win situation. 



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a small delay in getting any parts or replying to messages at the moment. I am in hospital recovering from an accident. Tip: don't use your face as a brake.

apologies for any inconvenience 


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Hey Greg 

Sorry to hear about your accident.:(

You take it easy ok and let us know when you are up to getting all sorted.

As I said for myself no rush just let us know ok.

Hope you get better real soon mate......;)

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Out of interest, are the rear arms that you have available from the S or S2?  

I'm interested in the whole arm, rotor,disc, if you could let me know a price 

Cheers, Nath


apologies but the rear suspension (S2) is already spoken for.


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Thanks for letting us know, but don't apologise.   Get well soon and please expand on the "face brake" event. :o

Hi all,

just been released from the clink (aka hospital).

by way of explanation, I was out in the Barossa riding along the bike path and there is a hump in the path at the bottom of a small hill, this time I got it wrong and ended up superman-ing and head/face planting at 35kph.

basically landed on head, face. Tore eyelid open, blunt force trauma to eyeball, badly sprained left arm and wrist. Extensive gravel rash and generally feeling beaten up.

Eye was operated on Saturday, I have a CAT scan on Tuesday.  

Considering the speed and my mass, I have gotten off lightly. The helmet looks ok, until you look closely.  The foam structure is extensively cracked, as it is supposed to be.



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Hey Greg

That all sounds pretty gruesome mate:o

Glad to hear you are out of hospital and hope all goes well with CAT scan on tues......

Hopefully no permanent damage, just a few scars or war wounds you can tell stories about in the future......

Take it easy and talk soon:)

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