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*NLR* WTB 1986 Turbo 944 rear trailing arms & hubs


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*No Longer Required*:D



I know it's a long shot but I am after a set of rear trailing arms off a 1986 turbo 944 preferably with hubs.

I require these for the early offset.

Please let me know what you have or if you know where I can get please.


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Your best bet is to look to the good ol' U S of A.

i have found those that sell them here have them for prices on the otherside of extreme. Mainly due to the fact that they are used by the 944 racecar guys and they generally need them straight away. This makes them hard to get locally.

I have found a few on ebay but shipping can be very expensive. Still works out cheaper then local.

There are also guys on the 924 board that have them for really cheap prices as they are the same as the 924S. But many are unwilling to ship as it is difficult for some of them to organize.

Good luck. Im also looking for a set. I just had a pair delivered from the states off ebay. But it turns out one is for a late offset and both are left hand. So for my troubles i ended up with just one left rear arm and it was still cheaper then local.



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Thanks guys for your advice and help.:D

Do you have any idea on what's a fair price for these?

Just sent a message to Lars on a set of early offset ones to see about freight so will wait & see how much.:wacko:

I thought there may have been more around Aus.....

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Hey Sean

Yeah that was me. The arms he had were 8 years old & had been sitting on the floor of his shed and apparently had a bit of corrosion as well. To be fair i havent seen them yet. Had no rotors either. Need to chase up a complete set (prefered). 

Have found some o/s just trying to  find reasonable freight.


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