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Pictures: Last drive before the 4S gets shipped home to Oz

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An early morning start to brush the dust off the 4S. This is the first time I've driven her for 4 months and the last time I will drive her before she gets loaded onto a ship bound for Sydney in a few months time...



Then it's off to see a man called Julian at Reap Automotive. Julian is a designer who custom prints gauges for 997's (plus a lot of others) and is meticulous in his work. So I had Julian knock up some KPH gauges for me. These may look stock, but they are actually Carrera White to match my car, not the light silver of a standard Carrera 4S...



Then finally a spirited cruise down through the beautiful Sussex countryside on a fabulous sunny Sunday afternoon. I stopped at Southern Sky Motors to take a few pictures before putting the car back into storage nearby...





And then walking home from the train station past the Dorchester hotel, low and behold, three of the big hitters are in town...



And.... finally! To top off a great car filled day... this beautiful 458 Speciale is parked outside my house as I get home...


I've had worse days!!!!!

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Who's shipping it for you? I assume you've got it a trip in a container rather than RORO?

Whoever's preparing it for shipping, make sure they're good with the cleaning fluids (here speaketh the voice of experience)

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I'm using personalimports.com

Dominic is very good and detail orientated. He also very accessible and has done many 911's.

great pics, how do they get the gauges to line up so the needle is accurate? Nice street btw!

They have designed the gauges so that the calibration is the same for KPH as MPH. Example, they have placed 100kph where 62 MPH would be on the MPH speedo. All the other dials remain same as standard.

I tested the speedo yesterday by changing the digital readout to KPH, and when 100 came up on the digital, the needle was sitting perfectly on 100KPH on the dial. The guy (Julian) at Reap Automotive used to actually design all the gauges at Porsche in the 90's so he really knows what he's doing. 964's and 993's are his bread'n'butter.

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