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Nothing new Niko unfortunately.....

I still prefer the styling of the 987 over this and the 981, regardless of what engine it has.

He does make a very good point!

"A Return To Porsche's Roots

Standing in the hot sticky Austin afternoon, a sinking feeling appears in the pit of my gut that this new car is as it should have been all along. Through history, Porsche's entry-level cars have had four cylinders. Think about it. Nine-twelve, Nine-fourteen, Nine-twenty-four, Nine-fourty-four, Nine-sixty-eight, they were all quad-piston powered. When the Boxster first showed up on the scene in 1997, it was fitted with a new watercooled flat-six that would work its way into the 996 just a while later. The engine was used because Porsche was broke and needed to take advantage of the cost savings of parts sharing. If they'd made a 4-cylinder for the Boxster, they'd have needed another assembly line, another new engine, another new cost."

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Yeah US$68K is about AUD$90K (south Pacific Pesos)

The luxury car tax that Porsche Australia will blame doesn't make up the difference 

I've heard many manufacturers call Australia Treasure Island as they change what they like.

You can still buy an entry level 911 for <US$90K and they start here north of AUD$230K

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