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FS - Recaro LS seats

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As I've bought Hugh's ST seats, the Recaro LS's from my car are for sale.

Perfect condition. Black leather (or leatherette - perforated centres  

I'll try and post some pics.

Aksing $1400 (you collect).

(Can anyone remind me how to post picture off my IPad....)

PM with email details and I'll send some pics 


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Great buy! Beautiful seats ( Symsy if only we had our RS2000's still ) 

Loved the RS2000.  

Couldn't  get one so my first "company car" was the Laser TX3 4 WD Turbo. Dark green with white wheels. Coooool ...

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You mean $2500 don't you - Cause thats what they're worth

I thought I did extremely well!  I bought the whole car for $250 off a naturestrip, so getting $250 back for the seats....winning! :blink:

Thought I was winning when I sold the whole car for $7750 too! Fully rally prepped RS2000 coupe... Probably add a zero to that today.

Traded "up" to an Turbo 4WD Lancer. Which is probably now worth $7750...

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