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Sports coupe


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Rhd ?  LHD?  If rhd and Oz delivered and original then 60k+ is good.

rhd imported subtract 5k

rhd converted or LHD subtract 7-10k

A 2.7 sporto is not the most desired model but good clean g series coupes are hard to find nowadays.

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With a 911 of this era you are competing with Flippers & Investors who will drive the price up for a 'nice' car. There is a huge amount of  SM SuperFund money tied up in classic cars.

I reckon a lot of the old rules dont apply as much & you should use the girl test. If it has a nice appearance, presents well and then drives OK - it doesnt matter too much about 2.7/sporto/Targa or LHD/RHD. These cars are mostly stationary exhibits for Investors.

Although its very hard to guess what an older 911 with non cosmetic drawbacks will sell for, I would budget around 60K - and then start bargaining at 50K (preparing to go up if required). Good luck.




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Ok guys she is Australian delivered numbers matching and is red in colour.

has 15 inch Fuchs wheels all original inside and paint as well.

neat car but will need a paint etc.

has a 3 speed sporto but comes spare with a 4 speed as well.

will be advertising this around $65k if anyone is keen

feel free to message me for pics. It's an eoi at this stage


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