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First combined 944/924/968 Register Run

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944, 924 and 968

 Register Run

Sun 25th March 2018

Come join us on our first combined 944/924/968 Register Run, organised by Fred D'Cruz. PCNSW

Fred has taken on the 944 Register Co-ordinator responsibilities for the Club and this is his first Register event, so lets give him our best support.

The drive will be on Sunday 25th March to Grey Gum Café, 8679 Putty Rd, Putty.

Meeting Point: McDonalds: 

Cnr Windsor Rd & Groves Avenue, Windsor NSW 2756 (Mcgraths Hill)

Meeting At : 7.30am

Departure:   7.45am

We will be travelling on one of our favourite roads, the Putty road for coffee/breakfast at Grey Gum Café.

A great early morning drive with fantastic twisty roads to the destination. Drive is approximately 1hr 15mins from McDonalds . Drive notes will be handed out at the meeting point. 

  • Event is limited to 25 cars and is now open for registration on the Club website, please log on and register. Participants need to register so numbers can be confirmed with the café. 

Thanks and look forward to seeing you at the event.

More information and online registration: 944, 924 and 968 Register Run to Grey Gum Cafe 


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Hey Dreamr, I was going to mention the lack of 924s. I feel you should get permission before stealing my comments in the future!!:Confused02:

I was also amused by the side sticker on the 944 turbo that said, 952 turbo. That's like saying 930 turbo... 

It's also kind of cute that we had our own Qld FEP meet up on the same weekend. Wonder when there were this many FEPs being driven in Australia at the same time?

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