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Dummies Guide to what the hell is going on in Syria

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 Interesting. Aaaand I still don't care.

  The leaders of those countries are just power hungry murderers, and Obama and Putin also have lots of innocent peoples blood on their hands, yet they don't care.

 The best way is to just ignore it, and let them fight their own pathetic battles among themselves 


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I served in Afghanistan is 08 and 09 ...............trust me when I say you get a different perspective when you are involved in these conflicts ...Many Guys I served with have been to Northern Iraq and involved in the conflict in Syria,,,and have told me it is a bigger mess than Afghanistan ...

Australia had no place in Afghanistan and should not be involved in this conflict either ,,there is a lot the public and media don,t know and are never told ,,,,as with every conflict innocent people die and others lives are destroyed ...

Like Lee said Best to ignore it and just get on with life and focus on the good things we have .............War is not answer Trust me on that ...




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52 minutes ago, Raven said:

And because of this week BS over there the Price of Fuel at the pump is going up in Sydney ..............Like the song says War what is it good for ...:rolleyes:

Just gotta have your shares in the war biz...

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35 minutes ago, tazzieman said:

If it all gets too complex , you can join this Tassy group


Clearly they have all the bases covered ................:Chuckle2: I do loose a lot of socks ....


We are firmly committed to promoting the use of the scythe, a tool which addresses the following issues:

  • Climate change;
  • Poverty in developing countries;
  • Israeli/Palestinian tensions;
  • Overgrown gardens;
  • Missing socks.
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