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Speedometer 1989 911 Ruf 350km

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On 12 May 2018 at 10:25 PM, GUT said:

Oooh I have the perfect spot for it



Buy buy , I wanna see you get a bit of every tuner into that car.. Homage to every tuner , modder and person of outlaw ancestry 

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49 minutes ago, wilburforce said:

@GUT are you looking to get rid of your miles/km speedo?

I know a guy 

Possibly. I mean, I don’t need it. But it almost makes me physically ill to let go of anything!

It works perfectly, and has a Howard Instruments sticker on it so it’s been serviced/fixed somewhere along the way.

Happy to discuss. What are they worth?

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2 hours ago, wilburforce said:

I’m a fellow hoarder so I know the feeling.

What year car is it out of - I should check it’ll work in mine?

It’s an ‘87. Date stamped 6/86 I think.

Its a G50 car - that prob makes a difference but not sure

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