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Petrol- how to avoid ethanol?


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Any "industrial chemists" know how to get 95 or 98 petrol that does not have ethanol or methanol in it? When a tank of petrol lasts up to 3 months, I do not want the stuff that attracts moisture as live by the ocean. If BP advertises 95 or 98 without mentioning ethanol, I read that it may still have 5% ethanol in 95, and methanol in 98.

Short of putting Stabil into the tank, just hoping that someone knows if any of the petrol station brands still carry pure petrol?   Thanks

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10 minutes ago, Zelrik911 said:

The guy that cleaned my fuel injectors said Stabil was 'good stuff'.   

Maybe I am getting old, but when ethanol was first mandated in Australia it had to be mentioned at the petrol pump. When I pulled up to a new United petrolstation recently the stick on sign said "maximum of 5% ethanol on the 95" and the 98 did not mention anything. So I gassed up on the 98 and when I got home I searched for fuel without ethanol but it is very murky and unclear if there are standards since all Aussie petrol moved to Singapore refineries.

My father used to work for Golden Fleece refinery and he always advised against ethanol in any petrol as it turns to jelly when it "oxidizes"


Ethanol will also clear your injectors if it is just regular scum.


25 minutes ago, Peter M said:

Is a little bit of ethanol that bad? 

Not really at 5%, but if there is a same price alternative then I will seek it out to avoid corrosion.

Have a look at the E85 engines after a track day.....

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1 hour ago, HWY said:

 ...and the 98 did not mention anything. 

What surprised me is that the Standard doesn't mention 98 at all so I guess we are at the whim of the supplier.

This may answer the question why many people feel not all 98's perform the same.....they're not!

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I would say there is no real problem staying within the manufactures limit for ethanol for normal use and up to a month of storage. I have seen plenty of corrosion and material incompatibility damage caused by ethanol in long term storage. Often it is not enough to cause an issue straight away but eventually it will be a problem. Just because someone stored a car on ethanol and it seems to run fine when put back into service does not mean that damage has not been done and the life expectancy of various fuel system parts shortened. 

I would only store with a full tank of 98 with some storage additive. 


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We usually use E10 95 RON in Formula Vee as it offers a little bit more power than 98 RON if tuned correctly (need to richen it up quite a bit). 

You can check the ethanol content of fuel quite easily and simply using something like this https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Sierra-Ethanol-Fuel-Tester-18-79816/232900832526?epid=1158847427&hash=item3639f8ad0e:g:MboAAOSwk1BcmrUk&frcectupt=true 

Basically the ethanol will mix with water and separate from the petroleum and you can read it off on a scale.  In my limited personal experience fuel labelled E10 has always measured as 10% ethanol using the tester.  I have once tested some BP Ultimate 98 and did not detect the presence of ethanol.  This is just my experience and not conclusive evidence though.

I have seen people run into problems over the off season with E10 fuel causing some white powdery type residue in carby's after many months of inactivity.  StaBil Storage works well to stop this or simply running the car on 98 RON for a few minutes before storage seems to be the ticket. 

I run my 3.2 on BP Ultimate 98 RON but I wouldn't be too concerned if I had to run some E10 in it for one reason or another. However I have a working O2 sensor and fuel injection which will richen the mixture accordingly.  If your P car has no O2 sensor or running carbs you'd need to be careful with E10 as the mixtures will be a fair bit leaner without adjustment.  

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Thanks for the constructive and intelligent comments Redracn and Big Dav.  Shame that we need to put more stuff into the tank when the car sits around not moving for a while but that seems to be the best preventative solution . I do leave the tank full when not in use just to have less air in there but not sure if this really helps.

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