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NOT an Oil Thread!


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Hey mate

I do not have any experience with the above but have been speaking to some very knowledgeable friends with exotic cars.

Their opinion is that AMSOIL is the go to oil, I have looked into this via lots of reading and many Youtube videos done by independants and seem to agree.

I use Mobil 1 5/40 as recommened and just done my Oil analysis with the oil just 2k kms oil in the car and it came up awesome but the viscosity has dropped to 5/30 which is not good.

Happy to post oil analysis up if interested.



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Thanks Frank.  Yes, the top end viscosity is the question in hot climates/runs.  Hence the 10W60 now seemingly recommended by Porsche for the air cooled models. Put up the analysis if you would.

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Check the E46 M3 forums.  10-60W is the factory oil weight recommended in the S54b32 so there is plenty of information out there on it for the Castrol and LM.  The Castrol is the default/factory oil, though a lot are using Liqui Moly.   I've got it in two of my E30s but swapping one of them back to Castrol at the next oil change.

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6 hours ago, Merv said:

Thanks guys.  It is interesting that Porsche themselves now seem to recommend the upper (hot climate) 60 rating for the air cooled cars.  Perhaps this has something to do with modern fuels also (as well as making a buck)?
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I think there is more marketing on display in that brochure than engineering so wouldn't take it as the only way.

The safe bet for these cars seems to be a good brand 15w-40, 15w-50 or 20w-50 with around 1200ppm of ZDDP, change it once a year and most importantly, for sanity's sake never ever read an oil thread!

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