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Looking for reasonably priced courier from the US

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Not sure if this is the best topic location, tried searching but could not find any previous discussions, but I’m sure there is.  

Trying to find a reasonably priced courier service to Australia from the US.

Quoted a cost from FedEx $173 (US) which I think is starting to get excessive. The seller of the part sent me images of what he plugged in to the FedEx quote system. 

Package weight: 5Lbs          The item weighs 3Lbs with the box.

Package size: 10” x  7” x  5”

Delivery speed is not that important, I can wait a few weeks or month for its arrival. Does anyone have a good reasonably priced alternative? 

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2 hours ago, Jason E said:

I've used these 2 before.  Usually they do much larger importations but I've alway's found them prompt.  Just make sure you're not late with their payments.............

 Err...Maybe I'm mistaken, but aren't you a copper? 😳

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3 hours ago, Jason E said:

A little on the side never hurt anyone Lee..........😎

  You weren't mates with Neddy Smith were you? 🤔 😁

4 hours ago, Scott930 said:


So were half of those two's "employees" weren't they?

 Reckon there woulda been more than half mate...and the Colombian government 

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