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1991 Porsche 962 CR Schuppan (Road Legal)


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The Schuppan 962CR is a sports car built between 1991 and 1994 by the Australian race-car driver Vern Schuppan. It was built as a tribute to Schuppan’s 1983 24 Hours of Le Mans victory and 1983 All Japan Sports Prototype Championship title.


Knowing well the Japanese market from having raced and won a few races there, Schuppan came up with a good idea: to produce a sports car for the road on the basis of the racing Porsche 962C with its new carbon fibre bodywork.
The economic situation in Japan was very favorable and he easily found investors to finance the project.


The carbon monohulls of this model were entirely built by Reynard Motorsport and the bodywork by Mr. Schuppan, although it includes design elements from the Porsche 962 race car. Final assembly took place at the production facilities of Vern Schuppan Ltd. in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England.


he second LM production, designated LM04 of 06, was built during the winter of 1991 in black color under the number VS 962LM 02. It was sold in Japan before being painted in white by its second owner. In 2006, it was sold to its current owner who repainted it in the current color of Rothmans ’83.


This car has made several appearances in many Japanese online videos as well as in an episode of Top Gear. This Porsche Schuppan 962 was first registered in the United Kingdom when it was delivered new. Once the car will be purchased, it may be registered as a road car in some countries.

Main Information
• ECU: Original Motronic 1.2 replaced by Motec M4
• Mid-engine, rear-wheel drive
• Engine: 3.3 L (3294 cc) Twin-Turbocharged H6
• Transmission: 5-speed Manual
• Fully restored in 2010

The 5-speed gearbox is fully manual, manufactured by Porsche.
The basic configuration is identical to the 962C, with the difference that the suspension geometry, spring stiffness and shock absorber have been modified to suit the road.
The front and rear suspensions are equipped with double wishbones, springs and shock absorbers with stabilizer.
Tyres and rims have been specially chosen for road use.

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2 hours ago, LeeM said:

 That doesnt look like a Schuppan to me

This is a Schuppan 962CR


Did you read it ? Vern built it as a tribute to his 83 win @ le man and the win in japan of the same year. And he lives in Adelade :)



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1 hour ago, tomo said:


Did you read it ? Vern built it as a tribute to his 83 win @ le man and the win in japan of the same year. And he lives in Adelade :)

 Now why would I do a silly thing like reading it for the facts instead of jumping to conclusions? This is a forum ya know! 


(Noted 🙄)

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