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Steering clunk/click


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Hello all,

New to the 911 world and am tearing my hair out trying to identify a clunk/click from steering. Happens only at standstill or very low speed pulling away, can be both directions. Had it on ramp but cannot replicate on smooth surface. 

Car now has brand new steering rack, steering coupler, turbo tie rods and ends, anti roll bar bushes, upper strut mounts. 

No play in wheel bearings or ball joints and all fasteners are tight. 

Any ideas would be much appreciated. 

Car is a 1974 first of the G series before I forget!!



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As the others have suggested. Work has been done recently, likely that something has come loose. I recently did everything under my 1973 F. After i thought all was good i had a clunk appear at low speed like you describe. Mine was one of the front shocker insert caps had worked loose. Moving away from stop and on slow speed bumps it was allowing the shock cartridge to move a little inside the strut.  It was only audible at low speed and sounded like a steering problem.

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I would also suggest the Universal joints.  It takes a tiny amount of movement there to be noticeable. The newer ones seem to be not as robust as the originals. The control arm bushings also need to be set up correctly and of high quality rubber.

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