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996 GT3 Exhaust System

Cam Arnott

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4 hours ago, Cam Arnott said:

Anyone gone back to stock and have something interesting lying around like a M & M Exhaust or Cargraphic......?




I have an after market exhaust system that sounds awesome will sell it but I'm after a standard or near standard system if anyone has one to replace it with

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1 hour ago, Jason E said:

What would a low k's exhaust system be worth? (less than 5 years / 40,000k's gentle use).

Is the 996 GT3 exhaust the same as the C2? I grabbed a complete 996 GT3 system sans headers for $250 a few years ago but gave it to the guy who bought my previous car. Should have kept it!

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On 27/07/2021 at 19:00, Cam Arnott said:

Sorry mine has a non stock system on it already.....What sort of system is yours James?

Sorry just seen this post @Cam Arnott I'm after a system with cats what do you have?

Here is a photo of my system its all stainless i believe, sounds awesome but i need cats 



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