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Retro Rally 2023 Kilsyth Vic


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The Retro Rally is on again 25th February. It's an awesome day held every second year at Metec in Kilsyth. Although not a Porsche meet I am sure some here will enjoy it.

There will be a number of historic rally cars going full throttle on a mixed surface loop plus more cars on display. I went to the last one between lockdowns and can highly recommend.


A couple of my photos from 2021.



There was also an actual Lancia 037 down from Sydney running laps, but my photos didn't do it justice so deleted them. 

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1 hour ago, Grimmy said:

Worth the price of admission alone!

Was amazing to see and hear. They were doing passenger laps later in the day with funds going to a charity. A mate donated $50 and got his lap in the Lancia! :)Not sure though if it is coming this year... 

2 minutes ago, Arne Krix said:

I’ll be there if I can swing it . Rocking up in P car or civil ?

There was an interesting mix of cars parked. I'll decide which car depending on the weather.

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Great day. Grimmy with his mate Steve were in the car following me in. Also caught up with Arne who missed the memo and arrived hours before gates opened for spectators.

Amazing collection of Historic rally cars on display and on the circuit set up at METEC today.




These included a Lancia Stratos and a Mk1 Escort that raced in Africa. 


Also over from South Australia was 1 of 4 RHD RS200 Evolution cars. This one tuned down to a lazy 580 HP! 

Part of the event with money going to a charity were passenger laps and guess which car I got a lap in? Brutal in a straight line!




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