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WEC 2015


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Far from being boring the 2015 WEC looks quite exciting with 2 close races so far. Porsche in the hunt for both of them. Audi have won both but the 919 was second at Silverstone and second and third at Spa!

Hopefully a win soon :)

Bring on LeMans!

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also worth noting that Porsche seem to be running more of a Le Mans set up in the first two races, whereas Audi had a higher downforce set up owing to their strong results around Spa and Silverstone which both have "aero" sections. If Porsche can get their reliability right they should be very dominant at Le Mans.

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From what I have read the Audi is kinder to its tyres over the Porsche, with longer (and faster) stints available?

The 919 also uses more electric energy recovery 8MJ vs 4MJ than Audi (also has a much smaller engine) It can store more energy per lap (and use) but has the smaller engine. Interestingly the 2.o litre 4 only revs to 9000!!

From wiki....

"Second season (2015)

The 919 Hybrid is a new car for its second season with approximately 85%-90% new parts while finally bringing the car's empty weight (no driver, no fuel) to the 870kg minimum[10]; it has also moved from the 6MJ subclass to the 8MJ subclass. Porsche have stated that they will be able to fully utilise this extra battery capacity for Circuit de la Sarthe although it might struggle on shorter circuits."

Seems it was overweight in its first year!

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Actually Audi's main 2 cars were running their Le Mans spec low downforce cars at Spa. There is some good data comparison's available between all the top LMP1 cars that ran, but you can clearly see the 2 fast Audi's were using the new revised Low Drag design with their top speed advantage over the Silverstone spec car (#9).
The driver lap times are interesting too. It makes Niko Hulkenberg look a little off the pace - however he was asked to double stint tyres like Audi do so it may be a bit misleading. 
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Interesting for the P1 class. The top speeds at the test look like the fastest lap times in reverse.


Porsche have tremendous speed, but Audi still have the balance of knowledge, speed and performance.


Toyota's TS 040...... remember the GT1?

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Porsche dominates provisional qualifying!

3 seconds clear of Audi! Fastest time since 1989!!


Audi 3:19.866, Toyota 3:23.543, Nissan 3:38.468 WTF?

Lets hope for reliability!!


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