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Custom exhaust recommendations in Melbourne?

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Hi all - looking for anyone with positive experiences with custom exhaust fabrication and repair shops in Melbourne, preferably in the south east.

I need to try and revive my 74 heat exchangers - i've found someone who is willing to replace the flanges, but he doesn't want to touch the rest.  I know some general welding guys but would like to find someone that has a bit more experience specifically on old porsche exhausts if possible, as I might need to replace one of the 3-into-1 sections depending on what I find when I grind back some of the ugly welds that are on them already...

Thanks :D

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get new ones,yeah they're exy but it will be better in the long run

we used to repair them in the 80's with a jig(even then consumed a  lot of hours in labour),they not only look shit but can be dangerous

especially if they've already had repairs done to them

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I agree new is always best BUT if you want to try someone I'd recommend Richard Howard at Rowville Exhaust on 97641177

He does all the custom stuff.

Made me a beautiful stainless steel merged twin system for my Porsche 356 powered Devin D.

Great attention to detail, artisan welding, sounds tuff with no droning .

I'm very happy. 

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After finding an exhaust shop to do gundo hack but then when speaking to them I find out they need to order in stainless tube and that they get a guy in once a week to do the mods for them I thought I better look elsewhere. 

So I drop into Rowville Exhausts to see Richard for a chat. He said "a gundo what"😂 I showed him some picks of mod and left my mufflers with him.

Thought it would be better to go to someone who can actually do it and not have to outsource the work.

Fingers crossed

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1 hour ago, 1q2w3e4r said:

Contact Richard at PRTech in Sydney and see if they can get you a Europipe sent over, best exhaust you can get for one this side of a full Akra

Europipe Stage 1 or Stage 2.  Got to love the brutal honesty of the marketing department for stage 2. " not recommended for  owners with sensitive ears" 🎧

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