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78 911SC Cab - $35K SOLD!

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That's right, selling for a mate who needs to get out of this for a Tarago (couldnt keep his pants done up) of all things this is a good clean UK import 3.0 SC Cab.

Properly service by Percat Automotive in SA (last service Feb 17) it has ZERO rust, ZERO oil leaks, and drives perfectly (brakes good, synchros good, fresh tyres etc.)

The widebody is steel, the wheels are BBS 18s with 285s on the rear - needs zero work carried out. Its a bargain at $39K. Looks as good in real life as it does in the pics. Call me on 0414 437 356 to put a depo on it! Got to go in the next few days!







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Sure is - that's an SA issued 'surrogate VIN'. Vehicle Inspection SA are the tightest in the country and will forensically examine most anything 'Outside of SA' Porsche that presents in front of it for any evidence of tampering, rebirthing etc. They have a specific instructional video of what to look for on these cars. If there is any evidence then they seize and crush. This car passed back in 2010 no problems. Being an import (that was previously registered in Victoria under its original VIN), SA took it upon themselves to issue another VIN so it could be identified in the SA system. Painfully they do this all the time. What it does mean is that the vehicle has a squeaky clean bill of health from an ID viewpoint.

Outside of South Australia this car can use either the SA issued ID number of -

VREP5581D177 (Registered with this from 2010 in SA)

OR its Porsche ID of -

Chassis - 9118210627 (Registered with this in VIC up until 2010)

Engine - 6580683 (Possibly matching numbers car)

The way the car presents and drives with a final sale price that will no doubt be in the mid 30s, its a bargain way into a 911 that doesn't need any money spent on it or a whole heap of stuff fixed to use as a daily. No, its not a 73RS, but the price tag reflects this :)

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Confirmed for a Gumtree-potential its matching number chassis/engine. Also have a Targa hoop that we can throw in for a purchaser for $1K extra ($36K total). Didn't realise the owner has one......bought it in off Ebay for $2K USD when he was going to bolt it back in and convert back to Targa. 

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martin is this the inner structural 'hoop' and the outer shiny S/S cover. I'm also thinking that there is a bit more than ready to bolt on required.

Though good news for the buyer if they want to remake a targa. GLWS 

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Would it be tricky sourcing the rear windscreen (as I assume the hoop doesn't have the screen)



Try David Janej at Porsche Allsports, I know he has had some previously when I was considering a similar project



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