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Steering wheel birthday


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My new (to me) Boxster was delivered with the Alcantara triangular 987 steering wheel.  Whilst it serves its purpose of getting me safely thru the twisties, the leather is fairly badly worn and has lost its "fuzz". 






So today, I pulled it out and packed it off to Royal Steering Wheels in the UK for a birthday.  Will keep you posted on progress in about a fortnight on its return.  Now just need to sit tight for the wheel to come back to my new specifications...

Removal of the steering wheel was relatively simple - but took a few turns getting the airbag popped off.  And the torx screws holding the plastic trim and internal metal frame in place were super tight to undo.

Plenty of YouTube clips available describing how to get the wheel off.


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Interesting to put back on, when my wheel was redone the steering lock would not release, its a battery disconnect thing. The wire tool in the fuse box sorted it with some swearing and farting around. If you have trouble when you get it back get on to me and ill fill you in.

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Got any details?



Maybe 9er is referring to Peter May at Burton. 0414239195. He did my wheel a few years ago. Did a great job, quick, and very reasonably priced.



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So got home last night to un-box the steering wheel. First impression is good. Met the design spec that I wanted. Silver stitches are just perfect. 

Just a couple of mm thicker but that seems to be spot on and the thumb grips make are just right  

Here's the reinstalled wheel and a couple out of the box  I'll put the pics up properly when I get in front of a computer 




Costs: GBP 191 including postage. Plus my shipping over. All up was about $400 Aussie 

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