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Best place to buy interior


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My car is almost ready for paint. Now getting the trim/bumpers sorted and have started looking at places to purchase interior.

Unfotunately i need everything as the current interior is worn out. Was the interior leather or vinyl from the factory?

I was getting some seats retrimmed this week for another car and the workshop was fitting the trim supplied by a company called Gahh to a 356.They said everything fitted pretty well.

Is this a good company to buy from or is there anyone in Aus that can supply it. If not anyone else.

Unfortunately cant post pics of progress of the car


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Have a look at Lakewell interiors also. Good product....



I've used them several times.  Good quality, know their stuff, and responsive and helpful.  Prompt too.  None of the whole local trimmer how long is a piece of string approach to money and timeline for the job also...  

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