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FS 68 911L (US Delivered)

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Thought I'd do the right thing and buy a membership ;) 

I've got my 68 911L matching numbered coupe project for sale at $90k.  Might seem steep but there is a LOT included.  It's currently on carsales here https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-911-1968/SSE-AD-5352979/?Cr=15   I really don't know the best way to approach this, the car could be a full resto candidate or a Group S racecar or hotrod - buyer can decide.  Currently offering up everything in one fell swoop on a trailer, but I'm happy to talk about a sale of just the matching chassis/engine/gearbox if you've got your own trailer or other plans, but I won't separate off the other stuff until these items are sold.

I do need some cash for house renovations, but I might consider a partial swap on a registered 944 or 968 (wife demands any garage replacement is registered and driving ;) )

I've got a .PDF file to email with chassis/engine details and photos to genuine enquiries.

  • 1968 911L USA delivered LHD (SWB).
  • Originally Ossi Blue, but currently in 6/10 Viper Green. Very little rust - previous owner had a new floor put in and some other rust work done plus average 2pac paint. 
  • Import approval (email from FORS) and no asbestos issues... (It’s been in Australia over 20 years and I think was registered in Victoria once before)
  • Matching number magnesium engine (one of the first) and 901 gearbox with the very rare ZF LSD.
  • Extra 2.0 litre engine and 901 gearbox for building something "fun".
  • Complete extra set of SWB hanging panels (hood, bumpers, front fenders, and rear lid). Pretty much enough to completely backdate a later car or repair a forward-dated car. • Spare front and rear lights/lenses
  • Tilta single axle trailer - current NSW registered to August 2018, new lights, tyres and winch, and completely roadworthy.
  • AGI made (Sydney) CAMS spec bolt-in roll cage with paperwork.
  • What does it need to finish? Not 100% sure as I received the car completely disassembled and everything in boxes. But no reason to think it's not all there... (Caveat emptor) Cost to finish on top of purchase? You'd need to decide on the direction and specification, I'd say $20-50k and you'd recover a lot of this cost if you were happy to sell off the spare parts you don't want or need if you don't take it racing. • Choose an engine to rebuild (I was going to go with original spec for the correct engine and Group S spec for the spare 2.0) • Choose a gearbox to rebuild (I was going to shelve original with ZF LSD and build spare box with it's current AFMSX ratio.
  • Decide on keeping current paint or go back to metal and original color. (I was going to leave the current green for a track car, but I'd look at going back to original Ossi Blau for a hotrod/partial resto)
  • I know pricing is difficult, but I’m pretty much offering up everything one would need to dive balls- deep into an easy restoration with lots of options and a heap of spares to either use or sell off to defray costs – you could almost build up another early 911 if you’re sitting on another SWB rolling chassis. Lots of stuff already done https://www.typ901.org/forum/forum/t...6-my-swb-racer
  • Asking $90,000 for everything as is, where is (Car on registered trailer and spares in Port Macquarie, matching and spare engines in Brisbane).
  • Email is best ossiblau at gmail dot com

Low Res.jpg

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Well, nothing but chirping crickets :) 

Remember the brakes/rotors, rack/pinion, and suspension are all reconditioned with new Elephant Racing hollow TBs and Elephant Racing bushes.  All new bearings. Everything powder-coated or gold zinced. Rolling on genuine minilites and R rubber.  Do some digging on Pelican or Sierra Madre and you'll see just how expensive it is to rebuild/refresh SWB suspension and brakes!

There is a complete kit of rubbers and seals, and a new headliner.  Front trunk and engine bay have been completely cleaned of the crappy old asbestos underbody deadener  and refinished in satin 2k paint.  Interior is in 2k primer (but have the 2k satin black to go with it).  I even have a roll of basket weave and plain German vinyl to get a period interior happening.

Done a quick list of the additional parts (above and beyond the vehicle's included matching original engine, gearbox, gauges and other parts) I intend to include with the project...  Like I say, there are sufficient extra panels to completely dress another chassis, and tow it all away on a super little Tilta trailer...

  • 4x 14” fuchs
  • Extra set of 68S gauges
  • Extra set matching 68 front fenders
  • 65-73 long hood (rust free – minor repairs needed)
  • “Longhood” front slam panel (cut – okay condition)
  • Early middle-bar rear engine cover (up to early 68)
  • 65-68 engine grill in excellent condition
  • 68 911R front/rear bumpers in glass (new)
  • Extra front windshield, rear screen and door glass
  • 1969T engine (mostly complete)
  • 68< Early 901 gearbox open diff – needs diff carried bolt at a minimum, but recommend a full inspection).
  • Tilta single axle trailer current NSW Aug 18 rego
  • AGI “International spec” 6pt bolt in roll cage and CAMS paperwork

I may consider an offer on just the 68L car itself (with all its correct bits) if you're not after all the extra stuff.

If you're restoring or building a SWB you may want to bat me an offer on all the extra SWB stuff (not original to the 68L car) as a lot.  I haven't thought too much about what it's all worth like that but happy to discuss. 


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I don't think the price is too high John, it's just a very small audience who this appeals too. 

If I had time for a project, had spare $$, wanted a Lhd and lived close to a race track, I would be all over this!

GLWS and don't give it away 

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3 hours ago, 901er said:

I don't think the price is too high John, it's just a very small audience who this appeals too. 

If I had time for a project, had spare $$, wanted a Lhd and lived close to a race track, I would be all over this!

GLWS and don't give it away 

Cheers for the perspective.  I guess it is quite a niche buy and not for everyone to take on.

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27 minutes ago, JonoF said:

My 85 Carrera is a forever car, so it looks like the Aussie 82 SC is on the chopping block. ;)  You in the market? 

Unfortunately not .... my 81 SC is the same car and when any money becomes available, it's going straight towards the restoration of the 924T ...

Thanks anyway and good luck if you decide to sell .... :Beer:

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Well I've had a couple of conversations and offers for the car on its own - not quite what I'm after, but this appears to be the preference for most potential buyers.

So before I change up the ad on Carsales I thought I'd put it here first...

I'll sell the car and everything associated with it for $60k and I'll cover the cost of transport of the matching engine from Brisbane to a new location/mechanic of choice (It needs to be built and I do recommend Michael Harris at https://promotive.com.au/ - take a look at his website and you'll get an idea of his capabilities).  So I'll keep the Tilta trailer (still negotiable on that), spare engine and all the spare panels and accessory stuff to sell off separately.

I'm aware of a freshly restored US 68L changing hands here in Oz last week in the mid $140s - mine is an identical spec car and I don't believe you'll need to spend anywhere near $80k to have it looking special.

Thanks for looking :) 

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