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Mid Mar 2021 Syd to RNP Breaky run

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Hi guys,

Been organising breaky runs for the Lotus club for quite a while but lately moved from Lotus to 911 ownership, quite new to owning a 2006 997 Carrera S Cab.

I wanted to organise a short breaky drive south from Sydney mid-Mar, before maybe organising a longer day trip one in the future if this goes well.

Simple route from a central meeting point near the Opera house down through the Royal National Park (RNP), over the Sea Cliff Bridge, before stopping for a breakfast at the Austi Beach Cafe where we can park our cars in the nice beach side car park there.

After breakfast, return on the freeway if your in a hurry to get back, or back through the RNP if your not, up to you.

Here's the route: https://goo.gl/maps/5cEXmGMLzYg2rxn18 not a long one at 80km one-way.

Proposing Sunday 21st Mar. Meet at 7am. Leave 7:15am sharp.

Anyone interested?

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11 hours ago, sjoerd said:

I'm interested... Is there enough parking space near the Opera House that time of the day?

Ive had this as the starting point for quite a few drives in the past. Under the bridge there, just up from the opera house, there is a layby, with enough space for 10'ish cars.

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11 hours ago, AndrewM said:

Looks like I can’t make it at the moment as my car is getting the leaking sunroof fixed : waiting on parts for Germany

Can you come if its not going to rain? No point leaving you car in a workshop for weeks waiting for a part.

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