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996 Diff Flange Oil Seal - drive shaft seal - EASY DIY


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Car is Porsche 996 C2 Tip 3.4 (2000)

I have had a very small oil leak from my passenger side for a few weeks now with just a few spots of clean oil dropping onto my nice garage floor.

I have had a few quotes to replace which ranged from $700 to over $800, and I have a 2 post hoist so I thought I would give it a go myself.

AND IT IS VERY EASY and straight forward to achieve and it took me 38 mins to remove the old seal (including the time to take photos and clean up as I went)


Here is a step by step guide to the removal of the rear passenger side diff flange oil seal (sometimes called the drive shaft oil seal).

The Porsche Oil Seal P/N is: 996 397 004 00   ($67.77)

The ZF oil Seal P/N is: 0734 319 419

The VW/Audi P/N is: 01L 409 399

They are all exactly the same but the ZF and VW/Audi seals are much cheaper.

The outside diameter of the seal is 80mm and the inside diameter is 58mm


This is what you see when you have the wheel removed, note here I have already removed 4 of the 6 hex bolts. They are on VERY tight and you will need the hand brake applied to remove these. (Tip, release the handbrake and rotate the mechanism for ease of access, then put handbrake back on to undo)



The half shaft then simply lifts out of the way to provide access to the flange, There is a central Torx bolt which you need to undo before you can slide out the flange itself.



The pic below shows the same as above bit with the Torx bolt removed. Note all the mess below where the oil has soaked up road dust and made a mess



The Flange will then easily side out. Note below the mess around the flange where the seal positions. This needs cleaning and you will see a clean one further down.



This is just a picture of the other side of the flange, which I later cleaned up, because i am that type of person, but its not a visible part when reassembled.



Here you can now see the brownish flange oil seal (P/N 996 397 004 00), which needs removing.



I was working alone so you will see a piece of electrical earth wire I used to suspend the drive shaft out of the way for access. There is just enough room to access the seal without the need to remove the drive shaft itself or any other of the drive train (other than the wheel).



I have cleaned up the whole area with some degreaser spray from SuperCheapAuto $3 per can.

You then need to remove the oid seal using a seal puller or if you must, very carefully with screwdriver



This is the seal with the ZF Gearbox Serial Number on it (this is the part fitted by Porsche). The P/N if you want to save some $ is 0734 319 419 and can be had for around $30.

Note, the marks on the seal are where i had my seal puller for removal.



Here is the part of the differential with the oil seal and flange removed



in the pic below you can see the flange part cleaned (where the seal will sit) and this is important to achieve a good tidy seal



Time taken was just 38 minutes, and admittedly me having a 2 post hoist in the shed was helpful.

Refitting is exactly the reverse of the process mentioned above, ideally using a round 80mm object to seat the new seal.

Don't forget to top up your diff oil level. you fill until the fluid begins to run out of the fill hole.

Saved me at least $700 and was so easy, and I enjoyed it too and had a clean around the area at the same time.

This was for a year 2000 3.4 Tiptronic Carrera C2

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That's a really great writeup Cookster -  good on yer for trying. The only thing I would add is that its a good idea to mark both the driveshaft flange and housing so that you replace it in the same position as you found it. A bit pedantic I know as it doesn't rotate that fast, but the two mating surfaces do tend to 'grow" and match each other.

Saving 700 bucks is a real winner to...:Beer:

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