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Early 944 Suspension/Brakes/Wheel/Tyre upgrades done


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After the loss of more than a couple of hair folicles and minor bits of flesh, I have now sorted out my Suspension/Brakes/Wheels & Tyres upgrades.


Euromeister Fuchs repros 17x8 front, 17x9 rear


Falken Azenis 215/40R17 front, 255/40R17 rear


Bilstein B6 on all corners


EBC rotors vented front, standard rear

EBC yellow stuff pads on all corners

Braided lines on front (rear yet to be installed as I was rounding the head of the connection so bailed until I can get a better tool for the job)


Short shifter kit/linkage upgrade also installed at the same time.


Lessons learnt;

Just start the damn work. There is never a right time or the right weather.

When in doubt, ask the question. 

Some parts require a significant amount of convincing to be removed.

If you ever say 'no need for PPE, I'll only be a minute and won't get dirty', just put it on. Your wife will thank you for it. This one is yet to be learnt... but I'm working on it.

Tearing the car apart is super fun. A lot of 'ohhhh so that's how that works' moments.

Buy a single man brake bleeder kit, it's worth the $15. Did it the traditional way first and didn't get the job done after an hour of stuffing about. Bought the kit and was done in 10 minutes.

If something came off the car, it probably needs to go back on.

OE bump stops don't work on B6's... Yeah, I'm not that bright. WTS brand new OE bump stops lol. Also, B6's have internal bump stops.

Replace hardware whenever you replace a part if you can. Most of the bolts holding the rotors to the spacers on the front were trashed. I think original. I'm glad the rotors didn't shear those bolts off but some were close.

Don't get frustrated. Way more fun to laugh at your own stupidity.



Braking feels more stable and controlled. Yet to be worn in but first impressions are good.

Short shifter/linkage kit has improved shifting so much. It's a blast to shift now. No longer has the throw of a truck and is super tight.

The car literally feels nothing like it used to. I haven't taken it on a long drive yet but the car is uber responsive now to steering inputs. Body roll has also reduced significantly. Car just feels good.


Next up;

Suspension bushes/bearings/control arms as they look a little tired.

Fixing the aircon. Needs a radiator (or whatever you call it) and maybe some other bits. Yet to investigate fully.

A couple of minor panel beating works due to some asymetrical fenders.

Modernisation of the exterior lighting for better visibility.


A huge thank you to everyone who provided their input and expertise on this part of the build. The support was great and moved me toward a mighty fine result.


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