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Tesla Flying Car Prototype

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That is hilarious , there is a strange part of me that wants to do that know :Jumping: looks like Elon has done it again without doing anything....... first flying electric car ,,,they should paint it Hemi Orange and put a big rebel confederate flag on the roof just like the original General Lee ........:Chuckle2: LOL 




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 Seriously, what's wrong with these peanuts doing that sorta thing?? Not to mention that utter flog, Alex Choi (the owner of the page that video is on). You should watch how he treats his McLaren and Lambos. Thinks he's some sort of cult hero to the car fraternity, yet he will definitely come unstuck one day, and I hope they video it

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I would have loved to have seen some angry 6 and 1/2 resident who was built like a brick shit house come out of his home and start cracking sculls over the damaged wheelie bins , and the  general disruption to the street ..

But  I can,nt stop laughing at the commitment to the jump  ,it was 110% in Australia that would be a hold my beer mate moment :Chuckle2:

so much for Tesla being the conservative persons or greenies car off choice , those guys had them all blinged up with just as much bad taste as the JDM crowd do and were out making menace of themselves :wacko:

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