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Cayman Sport Exhaust

Arne Krix

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I have been looking around for an exhaust solution to give my 987.1 S a more fitting sound. My previous car had the Carnewal exhaust fitted, which was great. The difference is that you don't have to purchase a new unit , your existing exhaust has some internal changes done, to give a better sound, some crackle, etc,, without the dreaded droning. Gert Carnewal is in Belgium and freight to and from is a fair cost. Turns out Hamilton in NSW perform these modifications on behalf of G C . They are paying a fee back to Gert , which makes the cost $1300 + freight. No biggie , but given I don't buy a new unit , rather have my existing modified, I am close in cost to buy a used Fab speed or similar. I found a business in Sydney , doing a very similar set up for less than half the cost. Did sent my unit up for $80 , paid $500 for the alterations , and got her send back for $80 , all within a week.

I am looking forward now to fit the unit and check out the results. I was so far impressed with the very tidy re welding of my exhaust , a very good job. 

                  I'll be posting results and contact shortly .


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Much more civil than Carneval. Has some bark to it , but no over run or crackle. Happy enough with it. Having 2 exhausts laying around , I think I might get a carneval version done as well , and swop for a while. 

You could check out my car and see for yourself 

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On 17/02/2023 at 15:24, Goon said:

Interesting timing. I just sent an email to Autohaus this morning enquiring about the modification.  Just need to book it in!


What was your previous car model Arne?

987.1 2.7 L

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