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Targa High Country Sprints


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Great news that my good mates Keith Johnstone and Peter Nunn secured the inaugural Targa High Country Sprint title this afternoon in their 2016 981 Cayman S.  MA rule changes forced them to ditch their 991 GT3 (that was running third in 2022 Targa Tasmania before cancellation of the competitive event), similarly Jeff Morton was also unable to run his GT2 RS, instead opting for a Lancer Evo X.

The Cayman is far from standard (might even be a GTS- correction it is a GTS), and has done a number of Targa events, and Keith and Pete have previously run a 944 Turbo, and the ex Tony Quinn 996 TT, as well as the GT3 in other events.

Pete is a fantastic wheel, as well as great race mechanic, which is his day job, as his business does race prep for a number of Targa and Rally cars, and follows a stint overseas last year running Luke Anear's Ford Fiesta Rally2 during his WRC efforts.


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What was the rule change that ruled out the GT cars?  

I know someone who did the Tour event in 991.1 GT3 RS - MA belated changed  speed limit from 120 down to 100 &9foe the Tour drivers which would have pissed off plenty of people no doubt.

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