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944 Turbo Club Sprint Car - SOLD

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Road Registered Club Sprint car - well known within NSW as it has been competing at Porsche Club NSW + NSW Super Sprints over the past 11/12 years.
The car was built in 2011 (from an Australian delivered 1986 944 Turbo) from a clean (but unloved) straight car.  Originally configured with the original 2.5 litre engine (with forged internals + larger turbo + interceptor engine management) ... the car recieved a major revamp in 2016 with the addition of a 3.0 litre big turbo engine + custom headers + standalone (EMTRON) engine management (installed and tuned by PR Tech) + Hypertune inlet plenum.

Other notable features include Big Red Brake upgrade, 2 way Moton dampers, High Strung Front Control Arms (fully spherical jointed).  Further details on all specifications and receipts available.

The car has been meticulously built and maintained by Buchannan Automotive throughout the past 12/13 years.

This car is fully capable of competing against the Porsche GT range (including 991.1) and if well driven, embarassing cars 35 years its junior.
Bathurst - 2:27, SMP = 1:44, PI - 1:48

Price includes - Original Engine (2.5 litre) + 3 sets of wheels (ADVAN RZ-DF) + Brand New set of Yokohama A-050(m) + a host of other parts.

Price = $135,000

Porsche Concours Bloxham 04.jpg

March 2023 - Engine A.png

March 2023 - Engine B.png

March 2023 - In My Garage C.png

March 2023 - In My Garage D.png

March 2023 - In My Garage E.png

March 2023 - Interior A.png

March 2023 - Interior B.png

March 2023 - Interior E.png

March 2023 - Engine E.png

March 2023 - Interior K.png

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What a beauty. Have always been an admirer of this build Mark. If only I had the cash for this one...

How are the road manners with the suspension, lexan hatch, no interior etc? Is the AC system still installed?

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Hi Justin - A/C still installed and icy cold.

Australia is too hot to not have it.

On road - quite firm + a little noisy (carpets + interior insulation removed) but all undercover is original.  I drive to Bathurst for competition, that distance is just fine.

You wouldn't want to drive it long distance country ... it has rather stiff springs + spherical joints everywhere.

If you want to play fast Porsches, it is absolutely CHEAP ... 😀

Couldn't build it for double the price.

Thx for your comments & consideration. 

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