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For Sale Wheels 18" by 9 and 10


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These are ROH 3 piece Wheels that will suit wide bodied cars.

Rears are 18 by 10 (ET 14)

Fronts are 18 by 9 (ET 22)

Don't want much,  but somewhere around $400 would be good?

Wheels are true.

I can send pics on request, for now here is one I have.


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Hi All,

Thanks for the intro Amanda.  And let me tell you it was luck of the draw for the wheels, I thought I would have a quick look around after talking to Amanda about the site.

I have a 1983 944 that has been under transformation for the past few years.  It is a street registered car that is also log booked.  The car started off as a NA and now has an engine out of a 86 Turbo installed along with a 6 spd out of a 968.  I had just worked out what size wheels I needed for the car to run them without spacers and these popped up by chance.  I have had quite a few headaches over the past couple of years with the power and setup which I am sure I am not the only one. I have also had a few little chats to Patrick Garvan along the way, but all should be ironed out shortly and have it running the way it was intended.

Amanda has told me about some of the drives that are organised and looking forward to tagging along once I get the car back down from Canberra.

And yes I will upgrade my membership.


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Good on Paul for grabbing them, He gets a near new pair of Falken Tyres on the rear.

Giving stuff away sucks when you have to pack it up and send it though.

Should have gone the old swap/trade route.

Or given me a call. They would look fully siiiick on the 912 for Hindley Street cruisin!

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