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FS 1976 Carrera 3.0 ADM 964 Leichtbau Turbo Replica

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As shown in the intro thread I have my Aussie delivered Carrera 3.0 for sale. Its a 75 build car that was converted back in 1991 into a full Turbo S Leichtbau Replica. Its absolutely perfect in every way save for some light bubbling on the rear guards from when it was painted back in 1991. The shell is TOTALLY rust free and is the very first of the galvanised cars. I am chasing the closest offer I can get to $105K for it. Offer via message or ring me direct on 0414 437 356.



Australian delivered 1975 Carrera 3 (has official recognition as being delivered by Hamiltons in 1976).Was originally a Talbot yellow car. It was one of 240 RHD models ever made. Chassis 91166000061 

In approximately 1991 it underwent a full makeover by Perry Spiridis in Melbourne (all the Porsche guys know him)

The body was converted to a 964 Turbo S Leicht-bau (super light) replica with all metal panel-work carried out by File Finish in Victoria.

Guards were extra widened to accommodate the RUF BTR Speedline factory wide rims (17 x 10 on the rear).

Shell is the first of the galvanised cars and totally rust free.


Mechanically it is all turbo.

Has a genuine factory 1987 3.3 Turbo engine with SC cams, stainless RUF extractors, K27 Turbocharger, and full exhaust.

It is the factory (1987) intercooled spec engine and has the intercooler in place.

The CIS Injection system is calibrated to the engine and it makes approximately 480hp (between RUF BTR and CTR spec)

The transmission is a genuine RUF Turbo 5 speed (rare as unicorns)

Brakes and suspension are factory turbo.

Interior is all 930 turbo of the era and everything works.

Seats are genuine Recaro A8 as used by RUF in their BTR and CTR cars.













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That is a very early production number 0061.

Somewhere I read that 123 examples of the C3.0 came with a more powerful 210hp engine.

l wonder if this car was one of those.


Bit late for that now I suspect...

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Its in Adelaide, where all the shots were taken. None of those shots were taken in NSW. The 'Garage' is the OTR BP Service Station on Glynburn Road in Burnside :)

Its a very very early C3 - my figuring is that for the money got for the sale of the turbo bits it would make it a feasible backdate project if someone wanted to do that - or drive it around for a decade as is and enjoy the fact that its one of the quickest Outlaw cars out there.

Took it for a drive this morning, no doubting its a proper muscle-car this thing!

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Yes it has some purple in it. Even though I have my own Mainline AWD Dyno I haven't had it on there! If anyone is really interested in it then I suppose I can drive it into work and give it a run. SOTP dyno feels like about 240 - 250rwkw.

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As part of my Porsche collection clear-out this one has to go. Make a sensible offer - closest to $89K will own this - its an ABSOLUTE BARGAIN at this price.


It actually does get driven too. Cruising with the gang - Black SC, and Blue Carrera (76).


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Small mistake in the advert - sorry.

Found out today after speaking with the original builder of the car it has a genuine RUF 5-Speed transmission in it........

Ratios -

1st: 2.79

2nd: 1.60

3rd: 1.15

4th: 0.83

5th: 0.63

Final: 4.00

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GUT - No one, not the previous owner, or even the local Porsche specialist that has worked on it knew there was a 5th gear....it was the builder of the car that commented "Oh has it still got the RUF 5 speed close ratio transmission in it, hope so, I paid $25K for it back in the early 90s."

And here I was thinking it just had a super-short diff which is why 110km/h = 3200rpm in 4th.

All I can say is 'LOL' and of course - happy days :)

He also pointed out that the RUF rims on the car had to be specially made by the factory for the rear at 12 inches wide - and that took plenty of time and money.

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I really think I might put this one in the 'keep' basket. If I can confirm its got the RUF BTR engine internals etc. which I believe it has - it wont be going anywhere. Simply too hard to replace or improve on really!

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Makes me even angrier that I missed this a year ago when they wouldn't bloody get back to me! :angry:

Great outcome for you. Would love see it one day.

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