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Looks like all things are now pointing to happiness :D at PCM now all the reno's are completed.   

A much speedier book in service etc.   I'll see how it all operates on Wednesday.  

First 12 month service...and a find that  F%$#@&ing rattle (that's doing my head in again.....and please get rid of it for good)



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I was told the squeaks come from the factory for free, along with the seat rattle. Have you organised protection to travel with you as carrying large sums of money can attract the wrong sort of attention. 

My 981 is in tomorrow for its second service and it is $880 with the Porsche club discount! Worlds most expensive oil and brake fluid. 

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My 981 is in tomorrow for its second service and it is $880 with the Porsche club discount! Worlds most expensive oil and brake fluid. 


Though service of a hypercar is far worse (I'm led to believe)

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went for a tour as part of the last PCV meeting.

Looks like a good facility,  lots of workshop space,  I was amazed at the amount of bays they had.

Still , Brighton have provided me with good service so ill keep going there ( even though Punt road and the Nepean suck in peak hour )

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I had my 996.2 GT3 Serviced yesterday/today at PCM, they wanted it for 2 days. The workshop is immaculate and impressive, I was happy with the service and the work done. They are happy to alk you around and let you see any part of the workshop.

Drive up to the side door and it opens automatically and you drive the car into the building. Someone comes to your car, takes down details, signs vehicle off etc. They make you a decent coffee and the concierge will put you into a loaner Macan or taxi (whatever you chose when you booked it in) and you are away. It was actually very professional and well done. 

I had a major service done. All fluids, incl. brake bleed, clutch bleed, all filters, Mobil 1, airbag check, 6 new spark plugs and the computer diagnosis/full check. I got free wiper blades and a number of discounts (aparently...). They also flagged my rear tyres are 6 years old and suggested I get them replaced (it was already on my list, but glad they checked). They washed and detailed the car (I didnt want that and forgot to tell them not to) but the car looked fine apart from the glossy tyre dressing. Oh, you also get roadside assistance for a year on the car. 

My car came back with no issues, they were a little shocked at the factory like condition of the car and the factory waxoil seal still coating the underside....I was too embarassed to tell them I dont drive it when it rains but for the record I did light up the 6 year old tyres upon departure into traffic on Vic Pde, come on its a GT3 afterall  :ph34r:

All up I paid $1980 for the service and I was pretty happy with that. Whilst I know some independants do great work, my car had only done one service that wasnt main dealer and for future provenance I decided to bight the bullet and get it back to Porsche and under the Porsche Dealer stamp again.

I had the suspension adjusted by an Independant and got pissed around having to take the car back a few times when finally the apprentice was removed from the job and a proper mechanic looked at the car. I dont have the time for that sort of BS. 

Curious to hear your experience at the renovated PCM Niko



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Dave, I was just as impressed with the new set up.   I had the same experience as yourself taking the car in etc.  

I thought the bloke standing at the  "book in desk" in the driveway, in the cold drew the short straw.

I dealt with Michael Callow, as the service consultant.   He was very good.

The service for mine was just an annual, and I think $680.00 or similar plus $180 for the two yearly brake fluid change.

Unfortunately the back left rattle from the hatch (which is why it was originally booked in for) wasn't fixed, or if it was it didn't last long before re appearing.

Anyway I have re booked that in again, this is the third time I think for that rattle.

But I have to agree the service was excellent.   I also got the wiper blades replaced FOC, which was a plus.

Had a Macan for the two days they had mine and it was great.  

I really only drove it to my voluntary work place and home, should have grabbed the missus and gone for an overnighter somewhere.

Apparently that's what people do...

I did tell them not to wash the car, it was all good as it was .....but yep it came back washed, so that was a bit disappointing.

Next service for me is a major and I think Eddy just had one done on his 987 Box, at about $1800, I will be happy with a price around there.


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