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1979 Repco Trial 924 , Where is it ?

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Looking for some help if possible !

I run a Facebook page called Australian Rally History ( feel free to join and check it out ) and spent alot of time tracking down surviving rally cars from the pre 1990 era . One I am looking for which I understand is still around is the 924 car 8 in the Repco Trial in 1979 .

It was driven by Jurgen Barth and Roland Kushmaul both from Germany , and placed 9th outright in a great efort from one of the 2 person crews in this very grueling event !

I have very little information , I was told it went to Graham Stockley after the event . Otherwise I have only found pics of it competing in Targa NZ 2006 with a couple by the name of Terry Rowbottom and Diane Rowbottom I think from South Australia .

After that I have nothing other than the rego still comes up as being current as it is still on the original 79 plates .

Anyone know of where it may be ?








Targa NZ pics here


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Yes this forum is awesome , solved the mystery in a few hours when I have been looking for it for a few years !

Stewart has been in touch , thank you to those that replied :)

If anyone would like to check out my Facebook page its for Australian Rally History up to 1990 - we have a few Porsche pics on there for you plus an amazing amount of never seen pics from our members of all types of cars .


Its a closed group , just ask to join and I will approve you - we only let real motoring enthusiasts on there  . Let me know if you have any problem


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