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924 Parts For Sale

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Hi everyone.

If anyone is needing parts, please let me know.

Two cars include a 81 924 and 81 924 Turbo.

Please note, I cannot guarantee mechanical parts function correctly, parts sold as is.

For most parts I can ship Nationwide through TNT at $25.

Regards - Paul.

Pressure pipe - $25.





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Hi everyone.

If anyone is needing parts, please let me know.


Hi Paul, I'm after some parts for my 1980 924 turbo only if they are in ok condition i understand that some maybe broken or no good... let me know if you need photos to confirm what parts I'm after & the cost for the lot 

From the 1979 924 PET http://www.porsche.com/all/media/pdf/originalparts/en/E_924_79_KATALOG.pdf

3 spoke steering wheel - turbo  477 419 091 K

Coolant expansion tank reservoir - turbo  931 106 265 02

Coolant metal pipe at the front of motor with hoses both ends - turbo  931 106 051 04

Gear stick leather boot in black with plastic base - turbo 928 424 073 01

Wiper arms x2 no dogleg at windscreen end & pivot from left side of car  477 955 028 both L & R

Wiper stalk switch in (black or grey) early flat type one (not sure if you have the early type)  111 953 519 G 

Rear locking pins x2 on the glass hatch the hole thing 477 827 527

Rubber ring that surrounds the key lock for the rear hatch


Rear hatch chrome metal trim joiner cover on the outside for the non turbo


Left side black plastic external trim 477 853 987

Heater vent hose for drivers side dash vent 477 819 395

Lower centre front spoiler grill 944 559 135 00 

Rear view mirror on windscreen in black 477 857 511 

Rear hatch / boot rubber seal 

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Hay Paul,

I need:

  • Front lower air dam (valence)
  • Rear hatch rubber seal
  • Rear rubber/hatch wing
  • Black centre console for a later car (with the HVAC that has the know and three levers)

Let me know if you have any of these?

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I'll put my hat in the ring - Will get pet numbers


 But hope for 

complete CIS 

good dash


left front guard


seat belts 

expansion bottle - washer bottle 

brake booster 

metal radiator pipes 

thermo switch 

rear hatch 

certain there'll be more 




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Updated with part numbers above

Thanks guys. Please allow 2 weeks (or  more) for a response.

Please note, Turbo car rear spoiler and bonnet is potentially sold.

Bumper $75.





Air conditioning parts from 924T $50.


Headlight pop up head light parts from 924 $50.



Front spoiler from 924T $25.


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Headlight pop up head light parts is no longer for sale.

Turbo spoiler sold.


Do you have any 924 turbo injector lines? A full set would be nice. Also wondering if you have the steering column shaft for a turbo as well. If so ill contact s friend who is chasing one.

Sorry, these parts are not for sale.

Pressure pipe no longer for sale.

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