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Spring lambs for sale.

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Deacessioning a few items 

Recaro rallye 2's

Reproduction 'period' LWB sport recaros 

Gt3 sport seats and mounting hardware 

NOS Scheels pair and 10 metres of matching NLA fabric 

G-series seats 

1974 targa interior Blk.

1976 targa interior red leather near new 

FUCHS 15 x 6

FUCHS 16" 6, 7 , 8 some orig and fakies

Factory steel 15 x 6 refurbed & widened steelies 

Cookie cutters - sizes to come.

Steering wheels - factory and after market

Cibie  super oscars 

2.7 engine and gearbox - sold 

G -series bits n bobs 

RHD 914 project 

Alum S engine lid. Mint 

1 X set RHD Marchal Amplilux mint.

1 X set NOS RHD Marchal Amplilux.

3 X sets of NOS RHD Carello Biodes 

Venetian blind for rear screen 911 

1971 PORSCHE Arova ski bob 

other stuff to come

send text indicating what you seek either on the list or your lust list and I'll have a ferret about in my shed.

0 four 7 seven 9 zero 1 nein 1 one 




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slight phone number correction

0 four 7 seven 9 zero 1 nein 1 one

No wonder i haven't received a reply to my SMS ......

Some dude on the other end asking himself ..... What the f**k is a 915 knob?? ..... this guy is a knob

Thanks .....  :lol: 

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