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I enjoy real flying

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So do you do that thing with tossing a toilet roll out the window and flying around it as it unrolls? Local Porsche lady used to do that!

Does that aircraft come with a factory tool roll like our cars? Can you tell us about the engine , specs etc? Do you maintain?

Cheers for sharing plane pic , we want more!

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:DHi all,

Apart from my cars I enjoy flying.  I own an aerobatic Steen Skybolt aircraft. 


Good on you Bernie, you have certainly come a long way since I tried to kill you in the  2.6 MiTSUBUSHI Sigma.

Definitely going to have to get down there and check out your toys...


That's awesome, welcome to the forum.


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Thanks guys.

You are more than welcome to come to the hangar. It's located at Lethbridge just outside Melbourne. Easiest way to get here is down the Geelong Road onto the Ring Road. We are in hangar 8. It's the first big hangar on the left as you come in the gate.

We have a big bi plane here. It does do joy flights and can take up 10 passengers. If a group comes down we can probably do something about $95 for a Torquay around Geelong.

Niko, mate your welcome anytime. Just let me know. You can find a few car photos on my Twitter -

Twitter Bernie Knight :D


Thanks guys for the welcome. I found myself on this site after seeing the Forum decal on a car window :D




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Yes I wondering,  but quickly worked out you guys are lovers of Porsches, aircraft and blondes in red dresses..B)

The Venerable Moderators do not.allow Trump-like behaviour or thoughts. But everything else is tolerated. Even flying.

Now Bernie , you must have lusted after one of these?





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Hi all,


we have just just added an Iskra jet to our hangar.


And this jet along with our Antinov AN2 bi plane are available for hire. If anyone wants to drop into the hangar which has an aerobatic aircraft, 12 seat Antinov Bi plane, Nanchang warbird and the Iskra jet just let me know.


Also maybe a good option for a club run, BBQ and flight.^_^

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