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Four door OTLW

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Post your favourite roomy vintage fantasy motor here

Just a start ; I like the black mesh grille and clean lines. And not every old Benz has to be slammed ^_^


Me likey this (I had dreams of turning the Graphite Grey one, now Matt's, into one.......)



My other w108 dream was to drop the running gear from my E320 into the w108 body, a real sleeper..... :)

Yes to the Porsche modded 500E!


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OK OK chaps! Once we get into dragster and race car territory we're going to run out of pages.

The thread is more about what would you like if there were no 911s and no RWBs and no Magnuses and no Trumps.

Different takes on the factory offerings , for the gentleman/woman who likes style but not fashion,  and likes to slip under the radar of LOOK AT ME!

Drilling holes just makes extra wind noise and ruins aerodynamics , and slamming stuffs handling -but that's fine for boulevardieres, if you've got a boulevard.

Not all outlaws run around in circles shooting the sky like El Guapo.

Pull up at a vineyard and buy 12 cases  , whilst heads politely turn , whispers are uttered and spectacles are adjusted over the nose. That sort of thing. 

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More subtle than outlaw then.... along the lines of a street sleeper then...??

There was a crowd in NZ that did this for a living and looked a little better too.... see if I can dig it up...


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Subtle yet stylish , in a "Daniel Craig" sort of way. Not vulgar. Your wife/GF/BF/mother wouldn't turn away embarrassed.

Four doors , it's not an easy task , compared to hot rodded Porsches and VWs - everywhere.

And top hats off to this sort of thing , which is fine for the dozen cases of Grange , but fails on the door criteria.


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Well Adam , restomod is one category of thought. But it's a fine line between bespoke and urban badass.

The former requires an architect's skill at playing on emotions to loosen the wallet. The latter requires but an angle grinder and some paint skills, plus of course "good taste".

Shy from the obvious and take no prisoners


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It's German , similar won the 1960 Monte Carlo rally 1,2 & 3 with very few mods  , it's about 10% the cost of a crap condition 356 and just crying out for some artisanal attention! 




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