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Home Built By Nick | 1/10 RC RSR

Pork Chops

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Just a little joke there Jeff!  I can't hope to replicate your skills and my wife has told me in no uncertain terms she will not be featuring in this thread (as if she knows about it :ph34r:).

So, as I'm no good on the spanners in the real world I've resorted to a childhood passion of building a model.  As it's RC it's all bolted together (not glued) and has working mechanical items and is therefore much more fun that a static model.  Plus you can hot them up, and then fang them around the car park.

The 934 is a cool car, and the model is a limited edition, and I built the static car as a road car so am looking forward to making the correct liveried version.  Jeff I'll be needing some painting and masking tips to get the body right so watch your PMs.  Being an orange RSR it's a homage to your homage.

The whole set up was just shy of $800 as you buy the model and then the RC kit, a steering servo, a speed controller, batteries, a charger, and in my case a fast motor.

I've got 3 young kids and a dog so this is going to be built in my office and I'm going to set up a little 'booth' within which to do the job.  I'll post updates as I go through the various stages.

Hope you enjoy.




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Home built workshop is now coming together.  My cardboard set up means no lost parts down the back, and an area to contain the mess.  I've got to get some small tools together, and some other bits and pieces like adhesive, rags and some 6mm mdf so I can do some some chopping without damaging the cardboard.

Now comes the hard part.  READ the damn instructions and do it in order.  REPEAT.  I'm so impatient.

Tamiya make such good quality kits they're a joy to work with and it's so cool seeing parts like oil filled dampers, proper wheel bearings, metal diff components.  I'd hate to be in charge of quality there as there are soooooooo many parts in the box and you'd have to get it right 100% of the time.










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Haha. That looks like a fun project. I am sure you should be able to put it together a lot quicker than I put mine together ;)  

Some guy in the UK beat you to the Home Built tribute though. He built it on Forza though.



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Could we tidy the alignment of the black trees in the foreground please. :ph34r:

I think I had the same Tamiya 'Jager' static display model as a kid. Have fun.

This one?  This is a survivor car as I built it in 1986...


And just for you Comrade.  It'll never be neater than this.


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These are great kits and the quality is awesome, I've helped my boys do several of these when they were younger, it can end up quite expensive when you start getting good motors and batteries. I don't know who had more fun, the boys or me.:D

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