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Hello new to forum.

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Hi I'm newbie to the Porsche world.

I have been playing with mustangs and vw beetles for years. I'm a Motor mechanic (working on euro cars,then at Ford) by trade but don't tell anyone I need to fix my porsche?

I finally got my first Porsche the other day it's been a long time waiting and searching for the right car but here it is.

its a oct 1987 build 944S Manual Australian compliance 1988 Alpine white exterior and burgundy interior.

the guys on this forum helped me out (thanks guys) the wheels on the car worked out to be 993 16" cup wheels.

if anyone has some year correct phone dials 16" let me know.

I spent 3hr polishing and cleaning still a long way to go to get it up to standard but I'm not in a rush.

it has pinion/ring whine in all gears but more noticeable in 4th and 5th gear.i will replace TT bearings and repair gearbox while I'm at it.

it has a blown head gasket my Co2 tester is changing colour must be small it is not running rough or using to much water.

i will pull the head off get the head surfaced, crack checked and the valves done also replace the cam chain and guides, water pump, idler pulleys, cam belts and hoses, get the radiator cleaned. 

Most importantly as pointed out by my son paint the inlet manifold and valve cover. (Red with white lettering)

In the end I should have a reliable car.

thanks for reading look forward to your advice and help.



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Welcome JEP, great looking car.  

Wow if only 40 came to Oz it would be nice to know how many have survived.  

Good luck with the projects, looks like you have a bit of work ahead, but well worth doing. 

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There was some 16" phone dials on sold gumtree, on the Gold Coast, last week. They were painted white. The owner was unable to tell me any details about them or there offset. He sent me some photos of the part #, but they were unintelligible. 

My car has 15" phone dials. I'm just about to buy some new rubber. Unless you want to trade wheels?

We could do a PFA sensis on surviving 944S cars.  We know of 2 out of 40


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