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New 997 Carrera S Cab :-)


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It's black, it's loud and it can drop the roof! Just purchased this 2008 Carrera S with 81k km on the clock.

The buying process took close to 3 weeks. Inspected the service manual and created myself a spreadsheet with all parts and when they should be serviced. I also did a PIWIS test on it to check the overrevs and verify odometer consistency.

I turns out the car was probably tracked in its early life (the DME stored 82 ignitions i.e. 20 ms in Range 4, which is not really good) but very well maintained at the time.

More recently, it was lacking a bit of love, but was not pushed at all: there haven't been any ignitions in Range 1 for 15000 km.

I decided to go with this car because it's the model and colours that I was looking for. It has the main options I wanted (PSE, Bose, Turbo wheels, red tail lights).

Recent care and service haven't been great, so a bit of work is required to get it to a "perfect" condition. In that sense I was able to knock the price down to account for the works.

It needs a major service that I'll be looking to do mostly myself - to learn and have fun!

It needed an oil change, so I got that done over the week-end. Also changed air and pollen filters and gave the intakes - front radiators, air-box and throttle box - a good clean.

A few pics taken yesterday after a good wash. Still needs a good waxing!








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Looks nice.  Perfect setting too at Brighton baths

Yes, I love - either on a bike or in the P-car - that road !

Nice upgrade from the Boxster, congrats! :)


Initially avoided the 'upgrade' term as some prefer mid-engined models (and others, front engined). On second thought 280 hp -> 355 hp and extra torque do indeed feel like an upgrade!

What a ripper!. Enjoy!

Yay!! I am truly enjoying it. Can't wait to take it out of the city on some twisty roads...

Very nice looking car, once you do the service work it will be a sublime car 

Cheers! Yeah, I get to do a lot on it. Looking forward to that!

Oil & filters - done.

Sparks plugs, drive belt and maybe some pulleys, soft top care, interior care, little muffler rattle, PSE toggle, centre crests... After that, we should be getting there!

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Haha, I just came across that post yesterday evening. I have to say it is tempting :rolleyes: ... if there's still room, I'd love to (assuming Wifey check passes).

Its shaping up to be a big run, everyone is welcome. Well worth the early morning effort. ;)

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