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My 2004 Boxrod(ish)


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Thought that I would start a thread on my PCar journey and in particular the fun I have had with a Boxster

Always have enjoyed the Porsche marque and wanted one but like most finances, family etc got in the way. My wife organised a half day drive out of Sydney up the North coast in Boxster's and I had a ball. Talking with the guy who runs the drive days he basically said that you could pick up a Boxster for about the same money as a new Hyundai, running cost are about the same but they are a whole lot more fun. When I got back home did some research and found out that he was pretty much on the money.

So I looked around and ended up purchasing a base model 2004 Boxster with 50,000 km on the odometer that had the engine replaced by Porsche in Sydney  at about the 38,000km mark.


First upgrade was the sound system. The basic unit was replaced by a double DIN Kenwood unit, 5 channel power amp, 6.5 inch door speakers (none to start with),  new 1 inch tweeters and an 8 inch sub in the passenger foot well. Now if I want I can really crank the tunes.


Next was the exhaust. The stock Boxster sounds a bit like a wet fart. Initially had a custom system installed by an exhaust shop. This was then replaced by a full stainless 55 mm (up from stock 42mm) system. Headers and exhaust box by Gembella, 200 CEL cats from M&M Power out of Germany (as best I can research they OEM the Gembella gear).   


This sounds fantastic and was exactly the sound that I was looking for.  Short youtube clip so you can hear the difference. 

Next up was to improve the look of the car.

First up was some decals on the bonnet and boot.


Then I was tossing up between some speedster humps or a hardtop. The speedster humps won out as I like the way they add some visual bulk to the centre of the car, particularly in profile7608B097-F676-406E-8BB3-4E2C2F95E5F5.thumb.jpeg.9e4b3afc952108b0a0f12cf258732b86.jpegCCA46FBD-9C3C-4B95-9883-0DFDFE7863C8.jpeg.6d6aa263aa7983be00499e2d6b32c71e.jpeg.

Latest acquisition is some 996 GT3 sports (comfort) seats complete with Porsche crest . Will be fitting these in the next week or so.


After that I'm not sure what is next. Options that I am considering are:

  1. a short shift
  2. some decent tires might be the best VFM option 
  3. suspension mods but wouldn't want to make it to hard
  4. Sprint Booster to improve accelerator response

Anyway will post as I go.

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Looking good, enjoy the ride!!

I too just joined the Boxster brigade and am very happy.

They are a bargain for such a beautifully balanced sports car. At this stage I haven't had the need to change anything, but like what you have done.

Hope to see you around!

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61EAF08D-B045-4D65-90AB-6740B01E7FD1.thumb.jpeg.21e2190116471f849d980d71135ad19c.jpegSo long time for an update.

Sold the GT3 seats as I found that my shoulders are to broad and they pushed me forward which became uncomfortable. Returned to the stock tombstone and all good again.

Moved to Canberra early in 2022 and so purchased a hardtop in anticipation of the wet and cold. Wish I had got the red one 4 years ago for $1200 now.

In terms of the car,

1. fitted Eibeck wheel spacers 22mm front and 15mm rear to the stock 17 rims. Wheels fill out the guards nicely now.

2. fitted OEM aerokit boot lid and wing. Actually a gen 1 on a gen 2 so there is a gap along the boot edge but it doesn’t worry me.

Purchased a gembella short shifter and ECS throttle control, both yet to be installed. Other than that it’s just been driving and enjoying it, including several runs to Sydney and back. 

Exhaust is still the absolute pick of the upgrades, still love it every time I go for a drive.

Picked up a icarsoft por v2 diagnostic tool for shits and giggles.

Also purchased a 996.1 and have proceeded to drop 50% of the purchase price in maintenance (previous owners delayed) and upgrades. Will start a separate thread for that one.

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