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Sold - '02 MY03 Boxster S Manual

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Hello everyone,

Posting here in case someone is interested, and because I'd prefer to sell to someone in the enthusiast community.

Despite encouragement, the Boxster refuses to grow a new pair of seats to accommodate the newer members of my family, so it's not getting the use that it once did. It's a great fun car that has never given me any problems, just the usual maintenance things like engine mounts, weeping seals and coils. Always garaged and looked after, never taken on the track.

It's an 02, but MY03 spec, so has clear lights, fatter exhaust tips, electronic throttle etc, but no digital nannies. Colour is seal grey, the best colour of that era IMHO.

- Short shifter
- Dansk sport exhaust (slightly louder without being annoying). This one here https://www.design911.com/Exhaust-Muffler---Silencer-Sports-Exhaust-Porsche-Boxster-986/prod1613/
- 7mm and 15mm wheel spacers for a wider stance.

Asking price $36,000.

Located in Geelong, but can be brought to Melbourne for inspection.

Will be listing it on Carsales soon too.
The left wing mirror works fine, but this idiot forgot to flip it out for the photo session.









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39 minutes ago, OzJustin said:

Looks like a very clean example. Best of luck!

PS - I also wish Porsche made a modern practical four seat sports car (i.e. not a Macan) with a boot...front engine reimagination.

Me too! And not a Panamera 

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