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Red Bull - they do it pretty well

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No doubt about it, they do a fantastic job of their promos....¬† Must be a fun place to work ūüôā¬† My ex-bosses' daughter worked there, had a stint in Austria even.¬† A couple of years back he made mention that she'd said they'd sold a million cans in Australia¬† the day before........

This is an entertaining watch for sure ūüôā



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Great concept but it’s pretty cringe worthy and also embarrassing that they think we are stupid enough to think that DR was driving the car when it was actually Liam Lawson. They only show Daniels face in the car once and it looks like he’s in the Red Bull sim.



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2 hours ago, DJM said:

Embarrassingly cheesy.  I watched the demo lap LL drove around Bathurst - I assume the computer has done the rest to make it look like SVG is on track at the same time?

SVG was on track in the late afternoon run  with LL  . Explains all the passing they did at the time. Everyone was yelling out for LL to drive harder . It seemed super slow both runs,however all the edits make it sound much, much faster than it was.  The real highlight was actually the aerobatics!

HaHaHa .... ticked a bucket list item I didn't know I had .......be in a red bull film clip (spot me in the crowd at the chase entry!)

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