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Two tonnes of machinery and it can still only transport two people? Or is it only one?

Not very "green" , actually.

Tis a 4 door 4 seat car :)

But it appears the more cars are made to be "green" the more they fail. Manufacturing complexity, plus batteries, plus dirty electricity supply surely mean they are not....??


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The next Panamera...please!

The big problem with the Panamera was the refusal to use the 911 3/4 window profile.  instead it has an ugly kick-back swoop which upsets the visual flow.

This car properly uses the 911 3/4 window and regains that big-bum haunched look.  Hurrah!

As for being electric ... why not, if it performs well.   The Model S is making inroads into this class and has tapped a market people didn't know existed.  Porsche would be stupid to ignore that.


Don't you dare stick those lights on the 911, though.  Have you learnt nothing from the fried egg period?

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One of the big problems (for me) of the current Panamera and this concept is the 4 seats! Why only 4 seats? You pay a lot of money for these and they cannot fit 5 seats in!! Sheesh!

I wonder how far the "up to 500km" range falls when you drive it spiritedly....??

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