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Escort at Duttons


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CTS sold a white one a couple of years ago for similar money, that one was far more original than this one. 

To be honest, the money they're fetching in the UK these days I wouldn't be surprised if it headed there. From what I've been told by the local RS boys, not many of these first 25 still exist and they're quite sought after, most were raced and crashed. There's something about that one that doesn't 'look' right to me (apart from the wrong wheels, bonnet pins and wrong material on the back seat), I'd be interested to learn its history...

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As a young fella I had a lovely mk1 RS2000 great car. White with blue decals. Wonder what they are worth now!

Mk1 AVO cars are pulling very good money now. They are quite rare here in AU however. Mk2 RS far more common, although mostly far less desirable 'more-doors'. 

I seem to recall this LHD RS1600 was on the market last year for six figures (I think around AUD$120,000 from my albeit shitty memory). Not sure what it ended up trading for, or for that matter if it was withdrawn.  Damn nice car tho. 



My own Mk1 from many moons ago. Another I regret letting go. Before I get flamed for the colour, it's Ford factory 'Wild Plum' ;-) 

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