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love Jono's work


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 Gawd here we go. More cryptic posts!

ok - he had his chance

So I'm in my garage giving it a bit of a sweep (duckandwhale shoot tomorrow) and who should drive up but Jono (in a Volvo I might add) with what I assume is his lovely wife sitting next to him. 

Now I am fresh from a week of ribbing the Paddington Hairdresser so there are all manner of one liners running through my mind, but for once, I hold back and we have a bit of a chat about cars and garages and stuff.

Time passes and his misses volenteers a bit of a tip bit on 'looking at buying a red Porsche.'

Now I have just spent the last 10 minutes avoiding all manner of mine fields Porsche related and she hits me with that??

A quick glance at Jono and he is badly trying to hide a particularly pained look on his face...

'what type of porsche' I say

'red 84 SC, but I'm not quite sure whether I like red' she replies. 

And im thinking where has all this knowledge about Porsches come from....and hang on a minute. Doesn't Jono already have a red SC he has been hiding....?

Jono's level of visible pain has increased, but fortuitously my garage light sensor clicks off hiding the worst of it.

I am pretty sure he knows he has been sprung and it could of gone one of two ways seeing as I am potentially looking to offload the much more preferable 'silver' 930, and surely I could up sell her??

but no, Paddington OTLWS need to stick together, and I waxed on about the virtues of the colour red and they went on their way.

But seriously what kind of genius mind hides a  P-car from his wife for several years and then sells the very same car to her??

love it ?

Your wife seems lovely Jono (did you like the line I threw in 'chicks look hot driving porsches?') 

Its a shame our wives can never meet (knows too much) ?

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