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Any interest in doing another one of these (similar to what twood/Ken used to do, but not as well catered :()

I'll have a few things I want to tackle, and I know @einsteiny has a fuel sender and a set of brakes he needs to install. I have a Durametric Pro and an array of tools so if their are newer cars and you're keen on knowing any diagnostic details I should be able to read the codes etc. Probably keep it to Porsche's only at this stage (unless someone has something really interesting)

I was thinking late August/Early September (or sooner if there is enough interest) and again, trying to get more technical and events going in SEQ


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MK1 head  and fix the bloody webbers that wont tune right  -  (unless someone has something really interesting)

We can do a sleep over right ;)


if there's more than one webber I'm not that keen - it's a black art.

Let me know when looking ECU options plus engine mods to improve HP and torque

what on? and btw i followed you in Clayfield the other day....

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