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Cars And Coffee Newcastle


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New for Newcastle and just the second event held on 30 July.

Some car enthusiasts in the area have been trying to get this up and running for quite some time now and finally we have a venue.

It's being held at a VW/Audi/Porsche mechanics workshop in the Harbourside suburb of Wickham, so far it has been on an invite, word of mouth basis and euro cars only, as there is only a small area for cars.

I'm pretty sure we will out grow the venue very soon and we will have to find a bigger area to hold it. Big thanks go to Scott996 for doing a lot of leg work to get this off the ground.

This is Peter M and Ben C3.0 in the background



This grey car is a stunner



This one is not too shabby either


Uncles new ride, what a beast, 500hp at the wheels........4 wheels




The green boxster in the background of this pic is a 1 gen car and it is in mint condition, i have never seen a Boxster like it, absolutely stunning car and all original and i wish i took some pics of it.




This qualified because it has a 911 gearbox




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2 hours ago, wobaby said:

Just wondering the location for Cars & Coffee July 2022 if anyone knows ?????

also - Has anyone here tried Karcher Cleaning park yet ?

These posts are from 2017 .. I don't think there is currently a regular C&C in Newcastle.

Porsche Newcastle have semi-regular meets as do car clubs on the Newcastle Foreshore.

There was a European meet only 2 weekends ago and Mercedes Club had their meet 4 - 6 weeks ago.

Just keep an eye out on FB Porsche pages .. best source of information.

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