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My 997 search..


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well having my sweet 2005 997s written off last month, I’m now looking for a replacement 

i would love to be able to afford a 997.2 , but it would have to be one of the imported ones or just a Carrera .

man, there is some huge price differences to some of the cars around . I just don’t see 135k plus for a 997.1 being any sort of value.. u can almost buy a 991 for that much..

my last car was an auto with no sport plus ... but it was a sweet ride 

does the standard 997.1 Carrera with manual box and sport plus go as good as an S Tiptronic? There seem to be some great standard Carreras on the market

there is also a couple sweet 997.1 S cars, in particular a red manual with all the fruit asking 99k. ( about 5-10k above my current budget).

anyone know anything about some of the cars currently on the market? Or is anyone selling a good one? 

Im almost open to a standard Carrera as long as it’s a manual with sport Chrono ...

ive only ever driven my 997.1S with Tiptronic gearbox so I have nothing else to compare it to

any recommendations would be appreciated 


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Specified 0-100 times for the 997.1 coupe is as follows:

Carrera manual : 5.0 sec

Carrera S manual : 4.8 Sec

Carrera auto : 5.5 sec

Carrera S auto : 5.3 sec

So based on that a standard Carrera manual should go as good or better than a S auto.

I have a Carrera manual and very happy with it. I’ve driven an S auto and it didn’t feel quicker to me. Although I didn’t drive the auto very hard so my opinion may be a little biased. 

My recommendation is to go test drive a manual and see how it feels. 

Sorry to hear about the write off. Good luck with your search for a replacement.

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3 hours ago, raafrebel2 said:

Anyone know of any good 997 s cars for sale?

Ill PM you contact details of a guy thats just about to put up for sale a 2008 997 Manual at what i think is a reasonable price (i have no affiliation with him or the car)

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On 08/05/2019 at 21:23, red clubbie said:

What sort of budget are you looking at?




Around 100k. A little more for the right car.

looking for a manual S with sport plus , preferred no black interior . 

Im also looking for an imported 997.2 S ... I’m not fussed about resale value as I’m buying to enjoy 

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57 minutes ago, P-Kay said:

What do you know Will???

Nothing sinister mate! I saw Nick spruik it on his Facebook page - so i would expect he thinks highly of it.

And he is a hard marker!!  Either way he would have a bit of history on it if you wanted details.

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