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FS or part trade -1971 911 E

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Fully restored 911 E for sale as per carsales listing 


Price firm at $145000 but it's time for a change so will consider part trade for something interesting, new, old, project or complete.

Has to be RHD and no offence taken if i'm not interested.

What's out there?

PM or 0418689252



bahia 1.jpg

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Why Oh why didn't I keep my old 911E. One of the few vehicles I've regretted selling (and not because of the value now). Sold it back in 1990 (I think) for $20K. AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH.

Sorry had to vent. Nice car by the way. GLWS.

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Took it of carsales as It had been sitting for too long attracting low ballers and Tyre kickers. I thought my pricing was ok and didn’t want or need to keep dropping it to find a buyer.

Been driving it and deciding if and what mods to do to it as I would probably have gone down the hotrod path for the next project had it sold so may as well do what I want to what I know is a car without hidden nasties.

That being said, I would still sell it.


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